Conair Ice Machine Square Ice Silver (CZB-45FB)

Conair Ice Machine Square Ice Silver (CZB-45FB)

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Xiaomi CONAIR Ice Maker is a small, stylish gadget. It can ease the refrigerating of your favorite refreshing drinks in summer. In addition to its functionality, the device attracts with nice appearance as the up-to-date design will suit any kitchen interior. High cooling efficiency is provided by the built-in heat exchange mechanism so you don't have to worry about the possible device overheating. Furthermore, there is no reason to wait languidly for the ice — the machine easily makes 9 ice cubes with adjustable size. When the ice-making process is finished, the cubes automatically end up in the storage basket, where they can be stored up to 60 units at the one time.


Ice maker







Ice box capacity:

1.3 kg

Ice cubs amount:


Rated Power:

105 W

Rated Voltage:

220-240 V, 50 Hz

Ice cubes size:

22×22×22 mm

Ice maker size:

287×375×357 mm