4.1330.B1 Mini Tool FireAnt Set

4.1330.B1 Mini Tool FireAnt Set

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Compact Fire-Starter Outdoor Set

The art of making fire is an ancient and essential skill. Whether you’re keeping warm or cooking, now you can carry the secret of this powerful element cleverly encased in your pocket knife’s corkscrew to start a fire in no time. With three different glowing fire steels and six waterproof helix tinders, our compact Mini Tool FireAnt Set is a masterful upgrade for your outdoor adventure.

Key features

  • Compact and essential fire-starter set
  • Choice of three glow-in-the-dark colors with waterproof, reliable helix tinder
  • Enhances the power of your Swiss Army Knife
Item number 4.1330.B1
Height 8 mm
Length 27 mm
Weight 5 g
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