6.7833.6 Swiss Classic Table Knife Set, 6 pieces, black

6.7833.6 Swiss Classic Table Knife Set, 6 pieces, black

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Table Knife Set with Wavy Edge Blades

Practicality, durability and classic ergonomic design in one table knife. This new Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife Set packs six of the finest blades into one compact collection that is as ideal for entertaining as it is for every day. Use it in the kitchen for preparing your meal or as a multifunctional table setting for healthy starters, crusty snacks or even dinner parties. The wavy edge cuts through a variety of soft and hard textures like a slicing pro, and the dishwasher-safe material lets you enjoy dinner from beginning to end.


Height 0.5 in
Length 8.7 in
Width 0.9 in
Weight 6.2 oz


Forged No 
Type of edge Wavy edge 
Length of blade 4.3 in
Material Polypropylene (PP) 
Color Black 

Key features

  • Table knife set for everyday family dining
  • Swiss made tomato and table knife set with 6 pieces
  • All knives with ultrasharp, wavy edge and ergonomic handles
Item number 6.7833.6
Weight 6.2 oz