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Salt & Bone Playing Cards

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  • Inspired by the pirate life and crimes of infamous Pirates, the Salt and Bone Rebellion Rum Playing Card Deck by Ellusionist is specifically designed with card players, magicians and card enthusiasts in mind.
  • X marks the spot! This deck celebrates history by becoming the lost bounty of one of the biggest pirate heists in history.
  • Aboard the bone white tuck you will see an imperfect paper grain complimented by black and red foil Rebellion Rum designs.
  • Features custom pips that guide you towards the treasure, and court cards that contain the sigils of the most infamous pirates to ever live.
  • Like the Captain's garbs, these cards have a true linen finish, and the B9 stock is layered with an antique black patina - perfect for flawless sleight of hand techniques.