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Magic Makers - Color Changing Deck

Magic Makers - Color Changing Deck

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The Color Changing Deck is a stunning effect that even fools magicians! Rudy T. Hunter will teach you this routine, and more, giving you a complete act. Special gimmicked Bicycle back card and wallet included! Included in the Video Guide: - The Routine - A fast and easy routine that will leave your spectators amazed! - Chicago Opener - One of the best card tricks in card magic.


Make one card back out of the whole deck change color while still staying the same on the front. - Mine - Take the Chicago Opener to the next level and really astonish your spectators by finding their card with a special message written on it. - Mental Prediction - This trick will give your spectator the psychic ability to pick the only different backed card in the whole deck. - Imaginary Card in Wallet - Your spectator signs a card and it magically changes color on the back.