Karnival  Death Heads - Carnage Edition Deck

Karnival Death Heads - Carnage Edition Deck

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  • In 2011 the Karnival Death Head deck was released. It was a super tough, 100% plastic behemoth, manufactured by the world famous Fournier company. Proving incredibly popular with gamblers, magic practioners and card collectors alike it quickly became a Karnival best seller.

  • However we were constantly asked the same question can we have this deck on BICYCLE stock? And now the answer is YES!!!

  • The Karnival Death Head Carnage Edition features the same eye popping skull and crossbone design from the original deck, but is printed on BICYCLEs unparalleled stock. So you get the world famous USPCC Air Flow Finish (for superb handling and unparalleled durability), and a design that all but reaches off the deck and socks people on the jaw.