[Mid Year Sale🎉] 94234 Celestron Solar Filter for SLT 102

[Mid Year Sale🎉] 94234 Celestron Solar Filter for SLT 102

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Celestron Solar Filters are made with Baader Astro Solar Safety Film, and yield bright, sharp images high in contrast.

Astro Solar Safety Film is clear and homogeneous, attaining the optical performance of high quality plane-parallel glass filters, and is diffraction-limited!  The double-sided metal coatings have uniform density and good color balance across the entire field to ensure edge-to-edge sharp imagery.

When using the solar filter, the Sun appears in its real color neutral white - not blue or orange - and the sky adjacent to the solar limb is jet black.  You'll see detail in sunspots, bright faculae near the limb and the mottled areas known as granules.  The Sun offers constant changes and will keep observing interesting and fun, even with small-apertures scopes.

The film is completely safe and durable, not breaking like glass if dropped.  It transmits 1/100,000th of visible light (0.001%) while reflecting 99.999% of unwanted light.