[Mid Year Sale🎉] 94119-A Celestron Moon Filter 1 1/4

[Mid Year Sale🎉] 94119-A Celestron Moon Filter 1 1/4

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Celestron's 1.25" Moon Filter is a simple accessory that you can use with any telescope that accepts 1.25" eyepieces. Simply thread the filter onto the underside of your eyepiece barrel before inserting it into the telescope. With about 18 percent light transmission, this filter blocks enough light to allow your eyes to relax and perceive more detail, without dimming the view too much.

Although a Moon filter is an essential accessory for viewing the lunar landscape, it's also useful for viewing ultra-bright planets like Venus, or even for terrestrial observation over sand, snow or water. Remember, never use a Moon filter to view the Sun. Always use a proper solar filter.