90 Points All Round Guard Suitcase

90 Points All Round Guard Suitcase

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This scratch-resistant suitcase is made of 100% Bayer Covestro Makrolon® (PC) polycarbonate and has a sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy frame. The suitcase is equipped with a premium double TSA lock. On the side, there is a small hook for hanging small items, such as an umbrella or a backpack.

Easy to transport

A practical and lightweight suitcase, suitable for both business trips and family trips.

Impact resistant

The suitcase is durable and scratch resistant thanks to its 100% Bayer Convestro Makrolon polycarbonate body.

Rigid and durable

A durable high-grade polycarbonate shell provides a strong and stable support for the suitcase, which is more resistant to falling and crushing. It does not collapse under the static pressure of 25 kg.

Durable aluminum-alloy handle

The telescopic handle made of anodized aluminum alloy is resistant to deformation and has 3 fixed positions. The retractable handle is complemented by two convenient carrying handles located on the top of the suitcase and on the side. Handles are useful when you need to quickly pick up a suitcase, when placed in the luggage compartment or if you need to pull the suitcase out of the compartment or from under the bed in the room.