6.7193.9 Swiss Classic Cutlery Block, 9pcs

6.7193.9 Swiss Classic Cutlery Block, 9pcs

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Beechwood Cutlery Block with Nine Blades

Our Swiss Classic Cutlery Block makes a timeless countertop addition to your pared-back interior aesthetic. Compact in size, yet creative in its culinary aspirations, it’s a chopping, dicing and slicing powerhouse. Housing nine high-precision blades, spanning Paring, Table, Bread, Santoku and Carving knives, plus kitchen scissors and sharpening steel, it helps every cook raise their culinary game.

Key features

  • Elegant storage solution for a wide variety of kitchen knives
  • Swiss made cutlery block housing nine blades (including multipurpose scissors)
  • Compact design, crafted in the finest quality natural beechwood

Item number



31 x 10 x 28 cm


2.3 kg


Swiss Classic



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