Black Shark Lucifer T1 (BS-T1)
Black Shark Lucifer T1 (BS-T1)
Black Shark Lucifer T1 (BS-T1)

Black Shark Lucifer T1 (BS-T1)

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Black Shark Lucifer T1 has a recognizable charging compartment with a green logo printed on its front, presenting a mecha style, and an overall rounded design without diamond corners, making it easy to carry.

Black Shark Lucifer T1 is equipped with a 10mm large-size high-sensitivity titanium-plated composite diaphragm (PEEK+PU+PET) dynamic unit, and it is equipped with a double-layer large space in the rear cavity and a professional bass guide tube design. In terms of tuning, the Black Shark The company has cooperated with a team of professional golden ear masters, so the audio quality is pretty good, the bass is full and the treble can be transparent and loud.

Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth 5.2

Soft Silicon + ABS Shell Type

Noise Sensitivity:

Voice Control Support:

Water/Dust Resistance:

IPX4 (earphones).
IPX2 (case)

40mAh (earphones),
400mAh (case)

Charging Time:
2 hours

Operating Time:
Up to 35 hours playback (single charge)

Control Type:
Solid Button

Earbuds Weight:
4.1gABS Plastic


Black Shark Lucifer T1 (BS-T1)