1.6791.63 Swiss Champ Wood

1.6791.63 Swiss Champ Wood

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Swiss Army Knife with Walnut Scales

Our Swiss Champ Wood pocket knife is a close echo of the original Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, itself a descendant of the legendary Officer's knife. We’ve remained faithful to its classical roots, while realizing its scales in smoothly crafted walnut, which hides no less than 29 functions and countless possibilities within it, including a ruler, pliers and a screwdriver. So wherever you are and whatever happens, the Swiss Champ Wood is the elegant fix-it solution that should always be with you.


1.large blade

2.small blade

3.can opener

4.screwdriver 3 mm

5.bottle opener

6.screwdriver 6 mm

7.wire stripper

8.reamer, punch and sewing awl


10.mini screwdriver



13.wire cutter

14.wire crimping tool

15.fish scaler

16.hook disgorger

17.ruler (cm)

18.ruler (inches)

19.wood saw

20.nail file

21.nail cleaner

22.metal saw

23.metal file

24.magnifying glass

25.Phillips screwdriver 1/2

26.screwdriver 2.5 mm

27.chisel 4 mm

28.multipurpose hook

29.key ring