[Mid Year Sale🎉] 1.3714.E10 Huntsman Year of the Ox 2021

[Mid Year Sale🎉] 1.3714.E10 Huntsman Year of the Ox 2021

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Limited Edition Pocket Knife with Gift Box

The latest in our ‘Huntsman Year of’ range, this impressive limited edition knife celebrates those born in the Chinese Year of the Ox. Infused with the qualities of this mighty creature – hardworking, determined, clever – it’s a pocket knife that tackles trimming threads and sawing wood alike. With strength and resilience in its DNA, the stunning design and presentation box make the Huntsman Year of the Ox 2021 an ideal gift or collector’s item.

Key features

  • A collectible gift for those born in the Year of the Ox
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 16 functions
  • Limited to 8,000 individually numbered pieces

Item number



21 mm


91 mm


99 g


ABS / Cellidor



1.large blade

2.small blade

3.can opener

4.screwdriver 3 mm

5.bottle opener

6.screwdriver 6 mm

7.wire stripper

8.reamer, punch and sewing awl


10.wood saw

11.multipurpose hook



14.key ring

15.mini screwdriver