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0.9411.M3 Hunter Pro Black

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Large Pocket Knife with Lock Blade

We developed the Hunter Pro pocket knife especially for hunters who demanded a pared-down knife of a higher caliber. The large blade is incredibly strong and easily accessible with one hand, and the ergonomic shape makes for a very stable grip. It looks great in its matching nylon belt pouch, but it looks even better when it's in your hand getting the job done.


  1. large blade
  2. lanyard hole


Height 0.6 in
Net weight 5.7 oz


scale material polyamide 
Blade lockable Yes 
One hand blade Yes 


Key features

  • The go-to tool for dressing game on your hunting expeditions
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 2 functions and ergonomically designed scales
  • Includes a large, extra-robust lock blade for one hand and a nylon belt pouch
Item number 0.9411.M3
Height 0.6 in
Length 5.4 in
Weight 5.7 oz