Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021

Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021

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Limited Edition Damast Steel Pocket Knife

Harnessing centuries of steelworking artistry, the Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021 features a resilient Damast steel blade wrapped in sleek black forged carbon scales. With its modern, high-tech aesthetic, it symbolizes strength, skill and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Damast steel is worked in a specific and careful way, creating unique patterns, finished here in a stunning "Bjorkmans Twist."

Key features

  • With distinctive Damast steel blade and forged carbon scales
  • Exclusively handcrafted in Switzerland for 2021
  • Limited edition of 6,000 sequentially numbered pieces worldwide
Item number 1.6791.J21
Height 33 mm
Length 91 mm
Weight 185 g
Collection Limited Edition