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Ellusionist Black Arcane Deck

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  • The black Arcane Playing Card Deck by Ellusionist is specifically designed with card players, magicians and card enthusiasts in mind.

  • LEARN THE UNKNOWN. MASTER THE ARCANE. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company, the Arcane deck sets new standards for playing cards.Arcane paves the way between the old and the new.

  • The black Arcane deck features an all-new, compelling back design. No angels or bicycles here. Only cryptic glyphs that speak in mysteries. The backs make fans and other XCM displays look like works of art.

  • Includes face cards that feature traditional faces, but a different, Arcane-styled outfit, an incredibly designed Ace of Spades, a Joker equipped with a blatant yet invisible reveal and a gaffed Joker card.

  • Features a UV finish, high-resolution printing and a tuck case with wraparound design - the first card box of its kind!.