7.4112.3 Allrounder Cutting Board M Black

7.4112.3 Allrounder Cutting Board M Black

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Blade Friendly and Heat Resistant Cutting Board

Both in name and in design, the Allrounder Cutting Board Medium is a catch-all food preparation surface that’s essential to taking on any kind of culinary challenge. Simple and smooth, and with a circular hole for hanging, its creation in environmentally friendly wood fiber exhibits the Victorinox commitment to creating products with a sustainable edge. A practical board that doesn’t dull knives and includes a practical juice groove, our allrounder can also be used as a trivet, making it a top accessory in any kitchen.

Key features

  • Ideally suited for home cooking
  • Eco and blade friendly cutting board exclusively made by Epicurean
  • Dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 175°C/350°F


Item number 7.4112.3
Size 292 x 230 x 7 mm
Weight 437 g