6.7936.12L8B Pizza Knife Wavy Yellow 2pc.

6.7936.12L8B Pizza Knife Wavy Yellow 2pc.

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Ergonomic Steak Knife with Wavy Edge

Sure, the Victorinox Steak Knife will make it easier to cut your steak; but it also enables a more wonderful evening full of good conversation with good friends. And that's because its ergonomic handle disappears into the hand and the ultra-sharp blade cuts effortlessly, so the focus stays on the menu and the moment.

Key features

  • Your go-to knife from sirloin, to rump and ribeye
  • Swiss made steak knife with wavy edge
  • With an ultrasharp wavy edge and ergonomic handle

Item number


Length of blade

12 cm

Handle material

Polypropylene (PP) 

Type of edge

wavy edge