6.0900.1 REX Peeler, Red

6.0900.1 REX Peeler, Red

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Iconic Straight-Blade Peeler

Since 1947 the iconic REX Peeler has been helping home cooks work quickly yet safely in the kitchen. With an ultra-sharp blade and ergonomic handle, it offers optimum ease and comfort. And because it cuts so close to the fruit or vegetable’s skin, it preserves the inherent vitamins. With such an illustrious past, we’re delighted to bring the REX into Victorinox’s exciting future.


Height 12 mm
Length 110 mm
Width 65 mm
Weight 14 g


Blade style Pivoting blade 
Forged No 
Type of edge Single edge 
Color Red 

Key features

  • Lightweight peeler with iconic design
  • Ergonomically shaped for maximum ease and comfort
  • Ultra-sharp blade makes peeling smooth and easy
Item number 6.0900.1