0590BRS	Paradigm, Brown

0590BRS Paradigm, Brown

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The Paradigm was developed as an innovative, clip carry knife boasting high-end materials and features to enhance functionality. The 590 utilizes a blade flipper for quick and easy one-hand deployment with the ASAP assisted opening technology. Buck’s Shift Mechanism™ rotating bolster lock provides a robust locking mechanism and prevents accidental deployment. To open, glide the bolster up and activate the flipper with a flick of your finger. To close, slide the bolster up, close the blade and then slide the bolster back in place.


With assisted-opening knives, the user initiates the blade opening, after which a mechanism completes the opening. A safety lock prevents accidental blade opening – the user disengages it prior to blade opening, then re-engages after the blade is closed.

Shift Mechanism™

Our patented Shift Mechanism™ serves as an advanced locking and safety mechanism. It not only locks the blade open when extended, but also prevents accidental opening when the blade is closed.G10An almost indestructible resin laminate that is resistant to heat, cold, chemicals, impact, and other abuse. These tough, durable qualities make G10 well suited for a knife that will get well used in extreme environments.

Made in the USA

At Buck, we are proud that this knife is made in the USA. The materials and workmanship involved in creating your knife will be done with the utmost care and will be free of defects.

Paul Bos Heat Treat

We are known for our blades. Buck Knives is a market leader in edge retention thanks to our steel selections and heat treat process pioneered by industry famous, Paul Bos, whose heat treating system has proven to be the best in the business. Each blade is put through a rigorous heat treat process and quality performance test. It is then tempered to the appropriate Rockwell Hardness through a heating, freezing, and reheating system. This gives you longer edge life, ease of re-sharpening, and a blade that will not fail you.