0.6223.R2 Classic SD Cellidor 58mm, Red- Rabbit

0.6223.R2 Classic SD Cellidor 58mm, Red- Rabbit

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Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, Victorinox has released a Limited-Edition Classic Collection featuring artistic engravings of the Asian horoscope.

The Victorinox’s Swiss Army Knife first came about in 1891, when Karl Elsener invented the Soldier’s Knife, which was followed a few years later by the Offizermesser – the Officer’s Knife and were soon beloved around the world because of their versatility.

This attractive red 5.8cm pocket knife and multi-tool is part of the Classic Collection and features seven handy tools for different daily tools with the emphasis on grooming. It’s indispensable.

Small Pocket Knife with Scissors and Screwdriver

It all started with the Swiss Officer’s Knife – and more than a century later, the Swiss Army Knife is still an icon of sleek functionality. Each one is built to last a lifetime and in the Classic you'll find all the functionality you need for your everyday adventures – in a package you'll want to keep with you always. It's the easiest lifetime commitment you'll ever make.


  1. small blade
  2. scissors
  3. nail file
  4. screwdriver 2.5 mm
  5. key ring
  6. toothpick
  7. tweezers

Key Features

  • The compact tool for a pre-meeting manicure or trimming loose threads
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 7 functions
  • Includes scissors and a nail file with screwdriver
Item number
Height 9 mm
Length 58 mm
Weight 21 g